SYNOPSIS of Un-Becoming

Albert Jackson Heller (“Jaks”) is an angry man. Raised in the 1950s by an overbearing mother whom he can never please and a streetwise bookie grandfather, he is taught that the only way to gain control of life is to fight and seek revenge against anyone he believes has wronged him.

Jaks is dogged in his pursuit of vengeance. His beating of the high school’s biggest jock earns him the nickname “Big Al”—because now no one is meaner, or more feared, than Jaks. As “Big Al,” he carries his unquenchable thirst for revenge all the way to Vietnam, where his entire Navy crew is killed in a battle that leaves him severely maimed and barely alive. Attacking the doctor who saved his life results in his being court-martialed and dishonorably discharged.

Big Al’s uncontrollable rage continues to sabotage his life through several failed marriages, doomed business ventures, and an estranged relationship with his daughter. After he hits rock bottom and falls into homelessness, Jaks is recruited to become a private assassin for one very important client. He readily accepts, but soon learns that he has the boss from hell—quite literally.

Is working for the devil too much even for Jaks? And will his need for revenge ever cease?

Published Short Stories

Red Fez, Solomon’s Shadow, February 2015; Indiana Voice Journal, One Out of Three, March 2015; Red Fez, River of Revenge, April 2015; Remarkable Doorways Online Literary Magazine, The Box, May 2015; The Writing Disorder, Kintsugi, June 2015; Indiana Voice Journal, Where’s the Cow?, January 2016; Indiana Voice Journal, Caught, February 2016; The Furious Gazelle, Wooden Statements, December 2015; The Rain, Party, and Disaster Society, Things to Live By, January 2016; Slippery Elm, As If, January 2016; and Drunk Monkeys, The Picnic, January 2016.